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Change/Edit My Billing Information

  • Last update: 13 January 2015

Change mailing address or update contact information:

              Please contact Town Hall at (970) 464-5602 


If a property is being sold/purchased:

                The title company handling the closing for the property will call the Town of Palisade and request a final water meter read. Money will be held in escrow to pay the final bill.

To ensure correct billing information, it is recommended that the seller contact the Town of Palisade directly (970-464-5602) and inform us that the property is under contract and the anticipated closing date. The buyer should contact the Town to provide mailing address (if it is different than the property address) and a good contact phone number.


For New Tenant Occupancy:

                A Property Owner Authorization form is required to be filled out completely by the property owner or manager and returned to the Town of Palisade in order for utility charges to be placed in a tenant/renter’s name. All account balances must be paid in full to zero for a utility bill name transfer to take place. For any questions regarding this form or this policy please contact Ellen Scott at (970) 464-5602 or at escott@townofpalisade.org.


Property Owner Authorization 2011