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Board of Trustees

The Town of Palisade is represented by a seven-member Board of Trustees who are elected for four-year terms.  The trustees are responsible for setting town policy and creating and amending a balanced annual town budget. 

Call Town Clerk Keli Frasier at (970) 464-5602 with any questions or concerns.

 Current Board of Trustees:

Board Member Title E-Mail 4 Year Terms (2 Consecutive Terms Limit)
Greg Mikolai
gmikolai@townofpalisade.org 2020-2024 - First Term
Thea Chase Mayor Pro-Tem tchase@townofpalisade.org 2020-2024 - Second Term
Jamie Somerville Trustee jsomerville@townofpalisade.org 2018 - 2022 - First Term
Susan L’Hommidieu Trustee slhommidieu@townofpalisade.org 2018-2022 - Second Term
Bill Carlson Trustee bcarlson@townofpalisade.org 2020-2024 - First Term
Ellen Turner Trustee etturner@townofpalisade.org 2020-2024 - First Term
Nicole Maxwell Trustee nmaxwell@townofpalisade.org 2020-2022 - Completing Vacated Term